Federal and State Legislative Solutions for Monetary Reform


It is very evident that our economy and monetary system is not working in a way that promotes the general Welfare and secures the Blessing of Liberty to ourselves and our children.

Everyday millions of working people go about their lives producing wealth by combining their ideas and labor with raw resources and getting paid. Yet, with each passing second we are collectedly getting deeper into debt and experiencing growing shortages of money. Why? It’s simply because, overtime, the banking industry has converted our money system into a debt based system where all the money that we use has been created and put into circulation as an interest-bearing debt owed to the banking system.

If our government, business or individuals don’t borrow, there is no money to spend or save. The banking industry has deceptively arranged it so that all money is created as a personal profit for the bankers and their associates and as an unpayable interest-bearing debt to the rest of us forcing us to constantly borrow. That’s why 1% of the adult population owns 80% of the world’s wealth. No person, business or entity can compete with one that can create its own money for a profit.

There’s only one way to correct this sad state of affairs. Follow the United States Constitution.


Have Congress create the money and spend it into circulation in a way that insures domestic Tranquility, promotes the general Welfare and secures the Blessings of Liberty to all the people, not the slavery to the banking system that we now have.

At the federal level, the best and correct way to do this is to combine the Congressional powers to:
1. coin the money
2. establish post roads (a transportation system).


This new money would be spent into circulation in lieu of taxes or borrowing as an earned payment for building and maintaining the nation’s transportation system. Like currently, citizens would petition their government for the transportation system they want. This should not be decided by the Congress or by construction companies. The money would first go to the people who earned the money by doing the work, providing the labor and material and then move on to circulate to all the people. This could be accomplished with just a couple of changes to current law.

At the state level an alternate to the Federal solution could work. It would do the same thing (create money based on production not debt.) However, it would have to be done in a different way to be Constitutional. Now, all money is created by the banking system by simply making book entries (by adding numbers) to the borrower’s new or existing checking account.

Money numbers

Most people don’t understand that we have a dual banking system. We have a federal banking system chartered by the federal government and a state chartered banking system chartered and controlled by state law.

All that is needed is legislated law enabling state chartered banks to create enough money ‘numbers’ to pay for the building and maintaining of public roads and bridges in that state. The new numbers ‘money’ would then be spent not lent into circulation as a debt-free, earned payment for the building and maintenance of public state roads and bridges in lieu of taxing and borrowing. The public then uses the roads and bridges with no fees, taxes, or debt of any kind.
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