The Highway

Our Way Is the Highway!

highwaySomeone said, “Byron and Greg think that the only way to correct the destructive consequences of our debt based money system is their way or the highway!” We at do not think that it’s our way or the highway. “Our Way Is the Highway!”

It should be clear to everyone that the only way to stop ever growing America debt, ever increasing taxes, cost-of-living problems and economic servitude is to stop creating all money and lending it into circulation as interest-bearing debt.  Money must represent debt or wealth. There are no other choices. Either way has consequences. We’ve seen the consequences when all money is created and loaned into circulation as debt.  We’ve never witnessed the consequences when all money is created and spent into circulation as wealth.  However, we know that spending all new money into circulation has to be better than the consequences we have seen when all money is created and loaned into circulation as interest-bearing debt.

Food and water are two things people must have to live.  There is one thing that people must have to engage in commerce; a transportation system to move the things people produce and want to trade with each other.

Now, all new money is created as debts or obligations and loaned into circulation to a borrower. Borrowers are all forms of government, businesses and individuals. Banks create the new funds by simply entering numbers into the borrower’s checking account. That newly borrowed money circulates when people write checks or move those numbers electronically until the loan principal is repaid and the money is extinguished.

We say “Our Way Is the Highway,” because we believe money should represent wealth produced with labor and raw materials and spent into circulation as a final, debt-free, earned payment in a way that would benefit everyone not just special interests. Money should work in a way that helps us be free not in a way that obligates and enslaves us.

We believe this is best accomplished through the building, upgrading and maintenance of our public transportation system that we must have to do commerce.  This concept returns America to the principal of ‘monetizing’ the peoples’ production as wealth to them rather than as debts to them as is current.  Highways, roads and bridges are necessary for commerce. They are the one form of production that benefits almost everyone equally, affording special privileges to none and symbolize the health and pride of a Nation.

America would combine the Constitutional intent to “promote the general Welfare” with the Constitutional authorities in Article 1, Section 8, clause 5, “..coin Money,” and clause 7, “establish post Roads.”

Our American Treasury, Mints and Bureau of Engraving & Printing will create new money as electronic book entries, coins and, or, printed money. The new money will then be transferred to the proper road authority and then to the account of the road contractors responsible for completing the project to bid specifications. The contractor will pay the workers and material suppliers. The new money will flow into circulation in place of bonding or taxation. The work gets done. Labor and material suppliers get paid. Everyone uses the roads and bridges freely in lieu of fees, taxation or bonding of any kind.  Some of the benefits are:

  • A debt-free medium of exchange
  • Economic Freedom
  • Smooth, safe, state-of-the-art roads and bridges.
  • Fuel taxes, license tab and commercial fees eliminated.
  • Growth in solar and other product and businesses.
  • Thousands of new, high-paying jobs and incomes.
  • Reduced costs of production, freight, business and living.
  • Increased purchasing power of money
  • Higher standard of living and personal savings.
  • Increased tourism and sales tax revenues.
  • Cleaner environment



“Our Way Is the Highway!”