Problem With Our Money – Explained

The problem with our money was caused when congress suspended the monetization of the people’s production that created a debt-free medium of exchange for them and switched us to bank credits as our medium of exchange thereby forcing us into debt to have money. This  converted our nation from a wealth money system, to a debt money system, from Freedom to economic servitude to the money creators and all the consequences.

Now all new money is loaned into circulation as interest bearing debt. The debt is always greater than the money supply and growing with time. The ever widening spread between the money supply and costs, reducing the purchasing power in the medium of exchange making it harder for Americans to make ends meet, harder for business to maintain profit margins, contributes to poor  resource utilization and distribution, environmental destruction, ever increasing costs of living, low wages, growing money shortages, ‘short-cuts’ in production, social and economic contention and more.


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