How Labor and Raw Resources can create money.

Labor and raw resources were the PRINCIPLES ONCE USED TO CREATE MONEY in America! We worked to mine the raw resources (gold and silver) from the earth. By law, Congress ‘coined’ the production into ‘money’ free of charge thereby ‘monetizing’ our production as a wealth to us creating a debt- free medium of exchange—a benefit to all of society as everyone could use the money with no debt or obligation.

The people controlled the creation of money based upon their production.

Bad news! Those PRINCIPLES HAVE BEEN CHANGED! Congress has unlawfully turned over its monetizing’ duties to the banking industry which ‘monetizes’ our production as assets to the banks and debts to We the People when we pledge our collateral and sign promissory notes. The banks create the new funds by simply making book entries to the borrower’s new or existing checking account.

Once, the government ‘monetized’ our bullion (production)* as assets to us. Today our bullion (production) is ‘monetized’ by the banking industry as assets to the banks and unpayable interest-bearing debts to We the People. We are forced to borrow to have a medium-of exchange. We’re Economic slaves!
It gets worse! Only the PRINCIPAL IS CREATED NEVER THE INTEREST which must also be repaid. The system forces us to constantly borrow. Debts that require more borrowing are not payable. Interest, the ‘unpayable’ cost of capital is constantly added to the costs of goods and services. Making ‘ends’ meet becomes increasingly difficult. If our system is not changed, we will collectively work harder and longer as we grow older to have a constantly lower standard of living and experience increasing economic and social turmoil and injustice.

The SOLUTION is to once again apply the PRINCIPLES of ‘monetizing’ LABOR and RAW RESOURCES to the production of our Roads, Bridges and Tunnels, a form of production that benefits everyone equally. Create brand new money representing this new wealth. Put all new money into circulation initially as a wealth payment for this current production rather than as a debt obligation against future production. This would allow us to work, prosper, save and have a means to pay our debts without incurring more debt and restore our Freedom as we would no longer be obligated and to serve the money creator!

The work gets done. The worker gets paid. Everyone benefits from using the roads, bridges and tunnels with no fees or taxation of any kind and from the commerce we cannot have with out roads and bridges.  No more fuel taxes! No more toll ways! Lower gas prices!


• tax cut • lower prices
Freight costs and other prices would go down. You could drive on safe, well-built, well-maintained roads and bridges and have more money left over to buy things with. This would encourage production and employment. As the interest debt was paid out of our system, your purchasing power would increase further. Your costs of living would go down. You could prosper and save more! Government would be smaller, less costly as more people took exciting, promising jobs in the new, prospering economy!

The AMERICAN TRANSPORTATION Act. “Our Way Is the Highway!”