Bridge Collapse

The I-35 Bridge did not have to collapse!!



bridge2It seems ironic that a huge bridge has collapsed in
Minnesota where, for more than 6 years, there has been an assertive effort to get the legislature to adopt a new but much better (outside the box) way of funding the transportation projects the state badly needs. It seems that the transportation system itself is calling for legislators to
wake up and act upon SF-705 and HF–888, a bill that would monetize Minnesota transportation assets debt and tax-free.bridge3There was no excuse for allowing the bridge to suffer age, stress and deterioration to the point of collapse. The signs were there. The transportation people knew the bridge was suffering stress. The engineering knowledge and the labor were available to upgrade the bridge. As in more and more cases, the only thing lacking was funding. The traditional way of funding roads and bridges has been debt and or
taxes. Minnesota legislators and our governor tell us we must think ‘outside of the box’. But, when they refuse to accept truly innovative
ways to fund roads and bridges, it’s clear that their definition of ‘outside of the debt and taxes box’ is just a bigger box!bridge4I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that I get physically ill when I hear we must, “Think outside of the box”, “We will look at all the options” and when Minnesota’s Legislators and Governor say, “Everything is on the table” when their past actions prove they are not telling the truth about everything being on the table in terms of funding transportation. Is SF-705 on the table? Is HF-888 on the table? Why not? How many more bridges need to fall?How many more Minnesotans will have to be killed or injured before lawmakers stop treating its constituency like tax and debt slaves, driving us further and further down the road to bankruptcy? It’s time to do what is morally, spiritually, ethically, socially and economically right? It is time all legislators served the people by moving forward on SF–705 and HF–888, a bill that would monetize Minnesota transportation assets debt and tax-free.Do you really believe that your children can survive with twice as much debt and taxes as we now have?

If you’re a Minnesotan, contact your state representative.
Contact Governor Pawlenty. Tell them to pass the Minnesota
Transportation Act, SF-705 and HF-888.

History has proven that men and women can do whatever they really want and agree to do including passing SF-705 and HF-888.