Articles on understanding America’s Debt

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The Problem with Our Money

Understanding the problem with Money


Is there Monetary Reform Solutions?

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History of United States Money

Have we learned anything?

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Is there a solution?

Bridging the gap to prosperity.

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Bridge Collapse

How a fraudulent monetary system plagues society.

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The Chinese Connections

What does America and China have to look forward to as the unsustainable monetary policy of the United States runs its course?

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Debunking debt based interest payments

Confronting the lies about debt based interest payments

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Economic Slavery

Forcing Americans and their government into debt to obtain a medium of exchange is Economic Servitude. Credit Money is a modern form of slavery, completely indistinguishable from the old world simply by the fact that there is no human relation between the power class and slave class.

The big failure with education in America

When is comes to teaching anything about money, our education system is a complete failure

The Hamburger Stand

Price inflation explained

Labor and Raw Resources

We have the labor and raw materials but where is the money?

The Industrial Age

What was missed regarding money and the Industrial Age.

The National Debt

Is the National Debt the worst debt?

Is there enough gold for a monetary system?

Analysis of Thomas Allen’s “There is enough Gold”  by Byron Dale

A new Monetary System

Why does America need a new Monetary System?

Social Security

Social Security is anything but Secure!

Something is Wrong

Except for commodities, prices always rise!

A Debt Free Transportation Act

American Transportation Act- Monetizing Wealth. Combining the authorities to: Coin Money, Provide Post Roads and Promote the General Welfare.

The Theory of Inflation

A close examination of the Theory of Inflation

Lets examine the “Balanced Budget”

Why does it seem impossible to balance the budget?

What would happen with debt free money?

Debt Free Money, the solution to all problems involving money

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The Story of Banks

How does the Federal Reserve tell the Story of Banking?

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Money without Banks?

Money without Banks! Really? Yikes!

The Chicago Plan

Is the Chicago Plan an honest solution??

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What’s Wrong with the History of Money?

Does anyone understand or want to understand the history of money?

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Something for Nothing?

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Where the flaw exists

Simple Math, the most influential thing ruling over your life.