99% Wrong

Everyone gets it wrong on the history of money in Ameirca

99% of the ‘explainers’ of the History of Money, explain it wrong. Not here, at wealthmoney.org!

If there were no money, all man would have to trade would be what he produced with his labor and raw resources; his produced wealth. That production could and would be traded into circulation for some other person’s production with no debt or obligation to anyone.

If there were to be a medium of exchange, it would have to be thought up and produced by someone. When produced, it should be traded into circulation for other production just as other production is traded into circulation.

99% explain that, in the beginning, people exchanged many different things as money but miss and never acknowledge the point that what people traded was their production, their wealth. No one had to be in debt for the wealth they produced or to trade it.

The 99% explain that people began using metal for money that they would deposit in a depository or bank and get receipts for. The people then used the receipts for money. Here the 99% of explainers miss the fact that people really did not prefer metal for money because they deposited the metals for the more convenient form of money, paper receipts. The 99% miss that this ‘paper’ was initially an evidence of wealth.

The 99% explains that, one day, the bankers ‘learned’ they could create and lend illusionary money and fraud the people. They never explain that this new money was just the lender’s ‘promise’ to pay or that lending the money into circulation changed the quality of money from an evidence of wealth to an evidence of debt. 99% omit that by creating and lending money the banks eventually get all the money that was an evidence of wealth, gain title to all real property, wealth and production through the mortgage and the payment of interest on the loans which the system itself guarantees that is impossible for all borrowers to do.  The banks have nothing to lend except the numbers they create. They never have the numbers until they enter them in their books. They use this never-ending supply of numbers to steal by deception and through the peoples’ ignorance, the real wealth, property and production put up by workers and producers as collateral.

99% of explainers never call what banks do deceptive, theft or criminal but rather ‘mistakes’ or ‘errors’ only requiring greater regulation. Through their entire History of Money lesson the 99% never state that the actions of ‘special interests’  changed money from a debt-free evidence of wealth that kept people economically free to an un-payable interest-bearing debt that enslaves and eventually destroys every nation that uses it.

99% of explainers never say that perpetrators of debt monetary activity are actually domestic enemies performing treasonous acts against the people and the U.S. Constitution. They cause more damage, hardship and suffering than any ever caused by terrorists. 99% never label debt-monetary activity for what it is or mention that these actions put people, nations and the World into economic servitude. The 99% never say that the perpetrators should be treated like the criminals they are.

They omit all these facts, explaining it as the History of Money; that it just happened that way, the people are willing to use it and it is ok.